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                                        Welcome to Curiosity!!!

Welcome to Curiosity Astronomy Club, an exciting, interactive STEM organization suitable for all ages, locations, and experience levels!! During 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic, when most of our education took to the internet, very few extracurriculars and STEM organizations followed suit. As quarantine continues, we’re enthusiastic to provide a fully virtual, free of charge experience so fellow astronomy fans have an opportunity to get involved with something they love during this stressful time. Come explore with us! Contact us for help in starting a STEM club at your own club or in your own city, and subscribe to our email list or follow us on social media to follow our blog, and to be notified of fun, upcoming events that will be conducted online!

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Meet Our Team

Here at Curiosity Astronomy, our enthusiastic team is hard at work to give you plenty of fun, year round opportunities. We are also able to help you with any questions you may have, and counsel you in starting your own Curiosity Branch! We are from several different nations, and each of us have a unique set of interests and skills. Scroll down to learn more!

Brandon Chang

Blogger & Event Developer

Brandon is the blogger in the Curiosity Astronomy Club. He has been interested in Astronomy since kindergarten, and his passion continues to this day. He studies in the UK, and is also in charge of the Astronomical Society at his school. His other passions are physics, maths, and philosophy. He hopes to bring astronomical knowledge to a wider audience through his blogs.

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Fayiz Rizvi

Board of Directors Member & Event Developer

Fayiz is a 16 year old student. Observing the sky and studying what lies beyond are his true passions and curiosities When not studying, Fayiz enjoys watching Christopher Nolan films.

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Musab Al-Ansari

Math and Science Specialist & Event Planner

Musab is from Dubai, UAE. He is currently a student in 11th grade. He wants to be an Aerospace Engineer, and is interested in doing research on eliminating space junk, improving air logistics, and building environmentally friendly airplanes and spacecraft. He is new to science, as he used to spend over 10 hours a day playing video games! Since January 2020, however, he has quit playing and taken several online STEM courses. He is optimistic that his scientific endeavours will make the world a better place.


Asher Mazur

Lead Event Planner

Bhuwan Tiwari

Director of Social Media & Outreach/Technology Specialist

Bhuwan is currently a Director of Social Media & Outreach/Technology Specialist. Previously Bhuwan co-founded a astronomy club to help the kids around the community. Bhuwan is involved in the school's robotics team as well. Bhuwan has experience in the engineering world due to Tesla Charter School.

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Hannah Schmitz

Founder/Director of Education

Hannah is super excited to be involved with Curiosity Astronomy Club!! After starting the Physics and Astronomy Club at her own school, and through that participating in STEM outreach within her community, she hopes that continuing that work in a wider community with greater interest will spark some enthusiasm during these stressful times. Hannah has been to the US Space Academy in Huntsville, AL twice, and has enjoyed implementing the knowledge she gained there throughout her work.

Asher Mazur 611771 Senior Photo2 (1).JPG

Asher is a senior at both Tesla Engineering Charter School and Appleton East High School. During the summer of 2020, Asher designed and constructed a treehouse in his backyard. He enjoys photography and taking pictures of nature and animals. His hobbies include pole vaulting, sailing, reading, biking, robotics, and playing role-playing games!

Space Supernova

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